How Pub Poker Works

Rochester Pub Poker is committed to bringing fun, friendly, free-of-charge no limit Texas Hold'em poker tournaments to the bars and restaurants in the Greater Rochester area that you already know and love. Take a look at our 'Where To Play' page to see what bars near you are hosting our games. There will be additions to this page as additional information becomes available. Here's how it will work initially:

1) Players will start with a $5000 chip stack consisting of (4) $1000 chips, (8) $100 chips, and (8) $25 chips.

2) Start times on the 2 days are different. Monday game will start at 7pm and continue until winners are determined. Thursday game will start at 7pm and continue until winners are determined.

3) Late arrivals. Any person who will be late arriving will have to call the host location and notify the TD that they will be late. Late players will have a 2 hour window to arrive. TD's will assign late arrivals to tables and positions by process of elimination drawing of seat cards. Said seat cards will be placed on the table in front of the respective chip stack so the positions are designated seats not empty seats. Chips will be placed into the pot for blinds from the late arrival's chip stack. After the first hour, $1500 worth of chips will be deducted from the late arrival's chip stack and put into the chip case. Blinds will continue to be placed in the pot from late arrival's chip stack until the end of the 2nd hour. If the person hasn't shown up by then their chips are removed from play and their seat is forfeited. Those that just show up late without calling have until the end of the second blind to do so. Those empty seats will be blinded in according to the blinds schedule, and player will be seated at the direction of the TD.

4) The top 3 finishers will each receive a token for a direct qualifier Bar Poker Open event which are held weekly. Winning those events will get you your choice of a seat at the Atlantic City $100,000 Bar Poker Open event or the $200,000 Las Vegas Bar Poker Open event. If you place top 3 in our event 2 times then you have a seat in both BPO events. Win a third Direct Qualifier and you now have a rebuy option and so on.

5) Blind schedule will remain as it always has been done, 15 minute intervals.